Performance in the Studio Conference

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Linda Kaastra is a bassoonist and cognitive scientist. As a bassoonist, she has experience performing in a variety of musical contexts – as an improviser, a chamber musician, an orchestral player, and currently as a member of the Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble. A specialist in research design for complex human interaction, her studies on music performance focus on tacit processes of creativity, coordination, and communication. In 2012, she worked in David Kirsh’s Interactive Cognition Lab at UCSD. Her recent papers, “Embodied Cognition in Bassoon Performance” (Cambridge PSN Conference, April 4-7, 2013), and an upcoming work, “What can we learn from the mechanisms underlying joint thought in music performance?” (Berlin, Joint Action Meeting, July 27-29, 2013) come from this collaboration. She is currently a member of the SCIENCE Lab at Simon Fraser University, where she is writing a research manual and supporting graduate research in pair analytics. Some of her music research can be found at: She is currently writing an essay for Eric Clarke and Mark Doffman’s upcoming book, “Creativity, Improvisation and Collaboration: Perspectives on the Performance of Contemporary Music”.
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